Episode 30: The History of Art, part 1

In this long, information-packed episode, Ethan and our guest Mitch Malloy of Wild Blue Studios go through most of the history of art from millions of years ago back before Homo sapiens was a thing up into the very early 20th century. We very briefly cover the Soviet Union and the birth of socialist realism as well as talk about the CIA spreading certain art forms! 

The document with the images and artwork referenced can be downloaded here.

Also the audio is slightly garbled at a few points in the first several minutes, but it gets better! Sorry about that.

There will be a second episode dedicated to twentieth century art movements, so wait up for that!

Suggested reading / sources used:

Ways of Seeing, John Berger
The Work of Art In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin
Marxism and Art, ed. Maynard Solomon
Prehistoric Cave Paintings, Max Raphael
”Towards Decolonizing Gender: Female Vision in the Upper Paleolithic," Catherine McCoid & LeRoy McDermott
The Social History of Art, Arnold Hauser
A History of Theatre in Africa, ed. Martin Banham
The Necessity of Art, Ernst Fischer
Art as a Cultural System, Clifford Geertz
The Soviet Theater, Laurence Senelick
ReNew Marxist Art History, ed. Barnaby Haran, Warren Carter, Frederic Schwartz
Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord
Karl Marx and Frederick Engels on Literature and Art, ed. Stefan Morawski
A Smuggling Operation: John Berger's Theory of Art, Robert Minto
"The Quickest History of 20th Century Art in Russia"
"The Art of Russia" 

 Outro music: "Rings", Aesop Rock