When we mess something up, we’ll put it here!

  • EPISODE 38: Burkina Faso

    • Jamaica was never a French colony; it was a British colony.

    • "The US is a one-party state[...]" quote was from Julius Nyerere, the president of Tanzania and not Kwame Nkrumah.

  • EPISODE 36: Canadian Communists

    • Canada entered WW2 when Britain did, but the Communist Party didn't support the war until after the Soviet Union was invaded.

  • EPISODE 34: Eugenics and Reproductive Rights

    • Dep (Depo Prevera) is an injection that is re-administered every three months, whereas the arm implant referred to in the episode is Nexplanon (formerly Implanon) which lasts three years. IUDs can last three to ten years depending on the type.

  • EPISODE 17: Nuclear Weapons

    • Deuterium and tritium are not elements but rather isotopes of hydrogen.

    • The Rocky Flats fire occurred in 1969, not 1988.

  • EPISODE 13: Soviet Cinema

    • While Prussia was a principality in the HRE, Prussia was never part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

  • EPISODE 4: Soviet Space Program

    • John Glenn was not the first person to orbit the Earth; that was Yuri Gagarin on the same flight that made him the first human being in space.